Thursday, March 08, 2007


Obedience, I cannot get my mind wrapped completely around what that would look like if put into practice....I mean radically put into practice (like you just had the biggest haul of fish and the most profitable day of your life, but I'm going to call you to follow Me, and none of what you've gained is going to matter to you anymore and eventually I will be the cause of your death, radical). Let's not forget that whole scenario began with a favor to a prophet, and some fishing advice. What if God called me to give up not just everything I had, but everything I thought I was, all that defined me, to take care of orphans....would I do it? Of course I would! (he says sitting in his warm house, typing on a computer, dressed in clothes he picked out, sitting in furniture he bought with the money earned from a job he uses as a supplemental identity)....But would I really?...Would you?

Smell that?.....change is in the air.

-- Love


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