Thursday, February 01, 2007

The weight of Emptiness

What we see in the modern day is that the more that we have, the more that we see our small containers of life filling up. Whether it be this or that, things or thoughts, we find that the crannys of our very persons are slowly disappearing. There is something to having. And to not.

I’m working around the premise that what is full cannot be empty. (Naturally, this is not rocket science, but is something we blindly ignore in order to keep on doing what we have found important). And if what is empty needs to be full, what then? This seems to be a central problem of my life – I will endlessly find things to fill my time – and when push comes a shoving, the spaces left are so small that they show their worth.

I’ll break it down just a little further. Let’s say that we have a glass full of water. I mean literally to the brim. In order for more to fit we either need a bigger glass or something has to come out. Let’s say we want to add air. This can be done via CO2 by injection, which will cause some sort of displacement. Or just by taking out water. But something must be done.

We want to be more Christ-like, but our lives are so full that something must be taken out in order to add something. It has to give. Naturally, as believers, we have Christ already – but often we feel like we need an injection of something. But it falls apart in that we know we have everything necessary for life and righteousness. So we are left with the working out. We need to not only expand our understanding of Christ – but also start to exclude the things that fill up this glass in place of the space that Christ should take up.. But if we refuse to empty, then we can hardly be filled. Sometimes things are taken out by natural evaporation, others by the complete tipping over of the glass. But Christ must have this space one way or another – otherwise we have shown that what we really desire – the water of the world. For our space defines us in spite of our grandest dreams.


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