Monday, February 05, 2007

Innoculated to the Power of God

We are created by God.


We are created, by, God.

And he signed us, like a masterpiece. With his image.

Today I was thinking that the ravages of experiencial, man-centered worship in the modern church are saddest when looking at what worship should be with lament, community, joy, reverance, sacrifice, and creativity.

The question of our life is not whether we are happy, but whether our life pleases God. That is what will give us the joy over any circumstance. He is all powerful, but I seldom act like it. How can we engage God on His terms? How can we avoid being anesthetized to Him.

I was also thinking about the all of the different kinds of work my team does here. I was making the next two months calendar today and it is full of some really different and cool stuff. We’ll go to tel aviv, tiberius and nazareth, we’ll do soup kitchen work, and youth work with two conferences, we’ll talk to people on the beach and at the mall and on the street, we’ll tract and do drama, we’ll clean homes and fix gardens, we’ll give out thousands of books, and we will study and learn and eat together.

Sometimes my schedule feels like the blessing of a big burden that isn’t mostly fun, but in both foresight and retrospect, and in special moments along the way, the calender carries a certain priceless freight because I know that living this way seems to match eternal value the most. As a struggling slow disciple, im learning to choose a fear of a great big awfully wonderous God. There sure is a lot of power in our creator.

-David Wheeler (contributor to this blog - posted by jefro for him)


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