Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a brief word-o on this blog here

It's not as if many people (if any) read this blog, but I figured I would best serve that group by explaining. This blog started as a chance to just put down thoughts, but as Patso wrote in the post before this, I find writing a hit and mostly miss proposition. In that I enlisted a few friends to help me span the gap a bit. The purpose of this blog is to translate what is going on in our heads - our thoughts on God, this life, how we fit within what He is teaching us - what it really means to awake from the dead state we live in day to day. We are not anything that could be posted about in terms of credentials, nor does it matter where we serve or live - it's a matter of need to not let our fear and pride keep us from lifting high the name of the Lord through our weaknesses, stories, and thoughts.

...and we hope and pray that is enough, and that obedience will ring true.


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